The Jewelry Bx Turns 1!

May 01 2017

The Jewelry Bx Turns 1!
The Jewelry Bx Turns 1!

We are celebrating our One Year anniversary of The Jewelry Bx


1. We are a family owned business mother/daughter.  

This is precious to us.  Family is first in all we do.  I have worked outside the home for years, this change in lifestyle has brought about a very deep connection that continues to grow.  We are often asked how is it working with your Mom or working with your girls?  Like any working relationship it takes effort, patience, and respect.  Humor works for us when all else fails.

2. We support and connect to women business owners and small business.

As we came out of our male driven stressful businesses to start our company we knew that we wanted to connect, share, support, learn from, and teach women in whatever capacity we could.  Women supporting women is what we are all about.  No drama, keep it light, no competitive energy.

3. We select many events that are charity based.

From the start this has been a part of our mission.  We have always made charity work a part of our life prior to JBX; this company has given us a better platform to incorporate our Philanthropic goals.  We believe that if we each took action in whatever way presented itself in our life then we are living our life in a soulful-balance.

4. We are bloggers who post every Thursday and we started a YouTube Channel

We have something to say to you, we want to connect and share our experiences.  Real life, nothing fancy, but we are on a continued pursuit of happiness and we like to take pictures and talk about it.  We love the visual of videos.  Again more story telling and sharing of ourselves.  This medium allows us to grow artistically beyond the photograph.  By combining content, movement, and sound, we can instantly share our evolving story.  This cultivates our personal growth…..


5. When we buy a piece of jewelry it must be versatile with three outfits we own.

Versatility is key to our brand.  We preach versatility, and affordability.  Our pieces have to be styled multiple ways for us to sell it.  Unique, special pieces have versatility.  We offer many pictures of styles that make our point.


6. Our products are Affordable.

All items are well under $50.00  This is a huge part of  our core statement and purpose.  We invest in many things in life, most of us have a budget we live within.  Our price point allows you to feel great about your purchase during and after your purchase.

7. We have a special “boot camp” for all new products and we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy!

All new products are given a JBX Trial prior to releasing to the website.  We physically inspect the heck out of our samples, we wear them for weeks, we take them to our Pop-up events to see how well they are received by our customers.  Our bottom line is that we want you to be happy with your jewelry.  Its that simple.  If you are not send it back for a complete refund.  No hassle ever!  Never.

8. We use eco friendly shipping materials.  

All packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.  It is all hand stamped.  We continue to look for ways to be environment supportive.  We ship our jewelry across all 50 states and the UK.  We follow Global fashion trends and enjoy feedback from everyone!  Next year we have a plan to open up the International Sales Channel wider.


9. We created gift sets to make shopping even easier.

We are all about making shopping easier for our busy customers. Sharing time with your special people in your lives is the most important thing; circling the mall parking lot and standing in line is not! Many of you have asked for our styling services when selecting a gift, so we came up with 8 gift sets for your special person!


10. Why we gift wrap each order?  

We have always loved getting packages in the mail.  A gift wrapped package is just that much more special.  We want our customers to have a memorable special experience when they receive a package from The Jewelry Bx.

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  • Jean: May 01, 2017
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    Loved todays blog. Family businesses face their own set of challenges. So congratulations on year one. Happy Birthday, JBX!

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