The Mountain's Are Calling

Posted on January 19 2017

If you are from New England you have learned to either cope with winter or you actually look forward to it! We fall into the latter category. It’s more than just a change of season it is an outdoor play time for people of all ages.  Spending time outdoors does not mean we are without our fashion jewelry.  Follow us along as we have snow much fun wearing our favorite jewelry around town!

White Mountains New Hampshire


There is more to do than just ski/snowboard at one of our favorite ski resorts in Waterville Valley, NH.  We have been visiting Waterville Valley for years now. The town of Waterville incorporated in 1862 was a farming and lumbering town until the development of the ski mountain in 1965.  Year round they have about 300 residents, but come the weekend 4000-6000 die hard snow lovers descend upon this cozy town and the party begins!

White Mountains New Hampshire

Dinner on the Mountain:

If you want to have a very special dining experience you have to make a reservation at Starry Nights. This is gourmet fine dining fireside inside the Sunnyside Timberlodge on the mountain. Great food, live music, and an amazing mountain view too.  When you are finished wining and dining you get to ski down the mountain under the stars with lit torches in hand!

White Mountains New Hampshire

Adventure Awaits:

You don’t have to be in Alaska to enjoy dog sledding. You and your musher, and your dog pack, will have about 2 miles to cruise around for about 25 minutes with a moonlit mountain view complete with a downhill thrill ride. How cool is that? Make a reservation at the Town Square check in desk they are incredibly helpful.  

White Mountains New Hampshire


This ski town even has fireworks every Saturday night during the winter! Norman Rockwell moment in the town square in the once grassy knoll now covered in snow that glistens in the moonlight.  You stand with the clumped towns people overlooking a little pond under the crisp NH sky.  There is something so sharp in image and clear in sound about fireworks in the winter.

White Mountains New Hampshire

Ice Castles:

The Ice Castles located in Lincoln, NH capture all that is dreamy and magically about the winter. When you first walk into the castle you are surrounded by ice blue towers, courtyards and hidden walkways. The ground is covered in snow and crushed ice so it is recommended to wear snow/walking boots and to use sleds instead of carriages for children. The artists that created the ice castle are happy to have its beauty show so take all the selfies you want while strolling through the castle and don't forget to tag #icecastles! Want a special photo session of your own? Contact them at !


White Mountains Ice Castles New Hampshire


White Mountains New Hampshire

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