1 Necklace-->3 Looks

June 17 2016

1 Necklace-->3 Looks
1 Necklace-->3 Looks


Have you ever bought a blouse, a belt, or a necklace on an impassioned whim?  It was midnight on a Wednesday and you hit the submit button at checkout and boom you were the proud owner of the lime green polka dot blouse with the pirate sleeves. A month ago you were at the crowded mall with your friends and every store you went into you exited with a cute little bag in hand.  You fell in love with everything that you bought at that moment and couldn’t wait to wear all of it. The days go by and you start taking your new treasures out of their bags and you are searching through your wardrobe for something to go with them.  After the first attempt to style your purchase from your closet you come up empty, and then a few days later you try again to wear the new amazing items and again nothing but frustration  because they don’t work with your other pieces.


This has happened to all of us at one time or another which is exactly why at The Jewelry Bx we select all of our jewelry with versatility in mind.  We want you to have pieces that you love and you can wear  countless ways.  We believe that flexibility in your wardrobe brings you the ultimate in value.  We don’t ever want you to experience buyer’s remorse when you shop with us!  We understand the benefits and ease of online shopping and we have a collection of pieces that are universal and will look amazing with what is in your closet right now.  When you buy online at The Jewelry Bx  you have a styling team behind you working hard to make sure you always want to wear your jewelry and that it works with your personal style.


We have taken one of our pieces the Time To Shine necklace, and styled it 3 different ways to illustrate the adaptability of our jewelry.  We firmly believe that a Jewelry Bx should hold your favorite pieces, a collection that expresses your creative side.  Pieces that make you excited to get dressed and go out!


1. "Hitting the Road"





2. "Outdoor Seating for Two"






3. "Weekend Wedding"







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