A Berry Fun Day At The Farm!

Posted on June 14 2016

Connecting and learning about local small businesses is a priority for us at The Jewelry Bx. Relating to their stories and products inspires us and makes us very proud as a community to bring together our very best for you!

It’s hard to believe that I have never been strawberry picking, but I haven’t.  This week we opted for some much needed fresh air at a much slower paced outing.  Mid-June is the kick off to New England Strawberry Picking, and off we went to Smolak Farm in North Andover, MA.

Strawberry PIcking

The drive up to the farm was incredible as we passed the quaint strawberry sign there were deer and hens to the right, an ice cream stand next, tractors and hay everywhere, and the American Flag hanging on the wall of one of the best barns I have ever seen. It was a smorgasbord for the senses.   




The wind was blowing rhythmically across the pastures of growing produce sending the fresh sweet smells into the air. Out front was a huge pond with various birds enjoying their playtime as they float around sunning themselves.  Wild brilliant flowers are in every view of the sprawling farmstead.  



The feeling as you walk around this compound is that in all of its charm and farm simplicity it is truly a breathtaking special space.  As I picked each berry from its plant you could hear a specific snap of freshness.  I couldn’t resist and ate a few too many as I carefully went along my path, the finest strawberries I have ever had in my life.  Sun smacked perfection to the pallet.



When we reluctantly left the farm I felt like our visit was a cross between a great yoga practice and an incredible hike in the sunshine on a Sunday morning.  This was the ideal experience we needed to recharge and refresh ourselves!  Confirmation that change of space will lead you to a change of mind and in your changed innovative mind all things are possible once more.  


Want to see learn more about the Smolak Farms? Check out them out here:



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