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  • On Trend: The Long Layered Necklace

    Posted on July 20 2016

    Jewelry lovers everywhere have named the long necklace a  favorite style trend. Whether it is a pendant or a multi-layered piece, this is where versatility in style takes flight. The...

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  • From Like to Love

    Posted on July 13 2016

    We love how easy and casual, summer feels. Life always seems to go a little faster, our energy a bit higher in the summer as we try to squeeze as...

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  • The 6 Looks for a Summer of Glam

    Posted on July 08 2016

    This summer we are RSVPing "YES" to all themed parties. What better excuse to look gorgeous this season? Feel and look fabulous in these summer party inspired looks! Mid-Summer Night’s...

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  • Favorite Fourth of July Looks!

    Posted on June 30 2016

    The fourth of July evokes some of our best memories. The first big event since school let out for summer. Who doesn’t love a long holiday weekend in the summer?...

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  • In a New York Minute

    Posted on June 24 2016

    Where do The Jewelry Bx fashionistas go to get fresh air and inspiration in the summer?  NYC of course! That’s right we invaded NYC this week for a sneak peek...

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  • 1 Necklace-->3 Looks

    Posted on June 17 2016

      Have you ever bought a blouse, a belt, or a necklace on an impassioned whim?  It was midnight on a Wednesday and you hit the submit button at checkout...

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  • A Berry Fun Day At The Farm!

    Posted on June 14 2016

    Connecting and learning about local small businesses is a priority for us at The Jewelry Bx. Relating to their stories and products inspires us and makes us very proud as a community to...

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  • Our Favorite "White T and Jeans" Looks

    Posted on June 10 2016

    I know all of us have worn at one point in our life our favorite jeans and a white “T” shirt.  It has been our go to outfit more often...

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  • Making A Statement!

    Posted on June 08 2016

    For many of us we think achieving a fashion look is about dropping a large amount of money to secure the hottest trends.  At The Jewelry Bx we believe it...

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  • Memorial Day Weekend- Kickoff to Summer!

    Posted on May 31 2016

    Who doesn’t love a long holiday weekend to kick off summer? The iffy New England weather is always a variable, but rain or shine we are up for going out....

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  • Waiting on the Weekend!

    Posted on May 27 2016

    The official kick off to summer for many is Memorial Day weekend. This American holiday honors men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. It was...

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  • Feeling Artsy

    Posted on May 24 2016

    We truly love each piece of jewelry we select for our customers. We examine each piece  from all angles, always looking for ways to style it.   In art history the...

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  • A Little Shopping Never Hurt Nobody

    Posted on May 18 2016

    If the truth be told, we get so fired up wearing and styling our jewelry we of course need to buy more clothes so we can buy more jewelry.  It’s...

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  • Day Trip to Wicked Tulip Farm!

    Posted on May 10 2016

    Anyone that has started their own business knows that you really live your life off of the 24 hour clock.  You need every hour and even more some days to...

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